December 28 is National Chocolate Day

With the big holidays behind us, it’s time to start thinking about some of the delectable food holidays that give us the opportunity to indulge in new flavors and foods. Keep reading to see how we think you should celebrate National Chocolate Day, and tell us what you make!

On National Chocolate Day, we encourage you to indulge in a little sweetness and taste some chocolate. Dark chocolate is actually good for you, as it has lots of cardiovascular benefits.

We recommend that you simply munch on some candy that you have leftover from the holidays, or try your hand at making one of these fabulous recipes!

Chocolate Cherry Biscotti – Semisweet and white chocolate chips mingle with cheerful cherries in these irresistible biscotti. If you’re not a fan of candied cherries, substitute your favorite dried fruit.

Chocolate Truffle Cake – Choc-o-holic beware! You pick the chocolate; do you want the sweet taste of dark chocolate or the semi-sweet milk chocolate? Whichever one you chose you will die when you put a piece of this in your mouth.

Chocolate Apricot Torte – This is a beautiful dessert to serve, especially because it has fruit and chocolate, so everyone goes home happy.

Chocolate Chile Souffles – A little spicy cayenne pepper brings out the flavor of the chocolate.

Chocolate Kahlua Cheesecake – This is a very rich, chocolate-lover’s delight–a chocolate and coffee liquor flavored cheesecake that is sure to please dinner guests! This recipe makes enough for 16 to 20 good-sized slices.

Chocolate Lemon Bars – Two terrific flavors in one cookie!

Chocolate Rice Pudding – You’ll never look at rice the same way again when you sample this dessert. 

Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies – Your mouth is probably already watering from the title, and believe it or not, these use low-fat vanilla yogurt.

Chocolate Brittle – Resist the temptation to use margarine in this recipe; it simply won’t work.

Chocolate Chip Short Bread – Shortbread is one of the easiest cookies to make and while it’s delicious on its own, chocolate chips make it even better!

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  • Teddy

    Yum! Love chocolate ;)

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