Congrats to the Winner of the We Wish You Happy Cooking Holiday Recipe Contest! Was It You?

Who won the Holiday Recipe Contest sponsored by Starbucks and is taking home a $1,000 American Express gift card + a $100 Starbucks card? Keep reading for the winning recipe and all the details!

Congratulations to Alise, the winner of our holiday recipe contest! She wished us happy cooking with her lovely dessert entry, a Pumpkin Tiramisu Parfait!

In her own words: “My solution to trying each dessert during the holidays? Portion control. Easily made ahead of time, this Pumpkin Tiramisu Parfait is the perfect addition to any dessert table. It’s light, fluffy and full of rich, seasonal flavors. My recipe requires simple ingredients that everyone can find in their local grocery store. Just be sure to brew some extra coffee for yourself!”

Not only is Alise’s recipe tasty, it is the perfect combination of ingredients that make for a lovely holiday dessert with its seasonal spices and spin on a traditional pumpkin dessert. Ground cinnamon and ginger really make this parfait pop!

After a filling holiday meal, this is just right for those guests who want to have a taste of something seasonal minus the heaviness of traditional chocolate pies and cakes. The fluffy texture is refreshing and smooth and will be a new favorite for both young and old!

What do you think of Alise’s recipe? Will you be putting it on your holiday table? I know I will! Let us know your holiday dessert plans in the COMMENTS!

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  • Julie

    Yum!!! I want to make these! Congrats Alise!

  • Linda

    Looks fabulous, can’t wait to try it!! Congratulations Alise.

  • Russ

    Congrats to Alise. Although most people consider anything pumpkin a traditional Thanksgiving only treat, not an all around seasonal treat especially Christmas and New year.
    Looks like the judges think you passed a threshold.

  • Patricia

    I love Pumpkin Russ! I think that it is a great seasonal treat and very homey! I cannot wait to try this recipe.

  • Russ

    Don’t forget the sponsor’s (Starbucks) coffee.

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