Stuff the Stockings with These 5 Homemade Treats!

Stocking stuffers are a wonderful holiday tradition, and I have more fun shopping for them than for any other holiday gift! Something about putting together small trinkets you know friends and family will love really makes it feel like the holidays. Keep reading to see our top 5 recipes as stocking stuffers ideas! 1. Sweet Bread in a Jar: This makes a cute and unique gift. Just wrap a Christmas ribbon around the jar and give away.

2. Challah (Braided Bread): A delicious and very pretty dinner bread from the Jewish tradition.

3. Jingle Balls: This recipe makes about 120 chocolate covered jingle balls. A batch this large is perfect to give as gifts to all your friends. If you want to make these just for yourself, cut this recipe in half or into thirds.

4. Candy Cane Cookies: Perfect for holiday time, these cookies look gorgeous on a platter! Pick a time to do these cookies when you’re feeling creative and have patience. It’s fun and they are yummy! The end product is worth the trouble.

5. Easy Lemon Sugar Snaps: A cup of cornmeal adds a grainy texture to these easy cookies.

Tell us: Will you make homemade treats for your stockings or other gifts?

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    Love these ideas! I usually put little lip glosses or perfumes with fun treats! I’m going to try these treats too!

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