Starbucks to Serve Up Alcohol & New Menu

Our friends at Starbucks are going to be serving up a menu that will appeal to the late-night crowd— with wine and beer! Keep reading to learn about their new changes and how you can enter the recipe contest sponsored by Starbucks!

I know that when I head to a Starbucks after 9PM, I often meet with friends over a cheese danish and coffee, but there have been those days where although I love the atmosphere at Starbucks, I would do anything to be drinking a glass of wine with their cheese plate. Good news, lovers of the vino- Starbucks had announced plans to sell wine and beer at seven different locations by the end of next year.

This idea has already been tested in Oregon and will soon be making waves in Chicago (we do love our wine and beer as much as we love our coffee). Other phases of the testing include adding those true artsy coffeehouse details to Starbucks locations, with poetry readings and open mic nights.

I personally think this is one of the smartest moves the already widespread company has ever made. There are so many occasions where I’ve been with a friend who wants to stop for a beer when I want coffee (I drink caffeine at all hours!) or vice versa. This testing will allow Starbucks to see how they can implement these new additions to the menu and atmosphere nationwide and beyond. This is also a great idea for theater lovers like myself that have friends who are underage who can’t enter into a bar with me; we can enjoy music and poetry (and small plate tapas!) and catch up without that hurdle.

Starbucks is also making waves with their holiday recipe contest. Learn how you can win an $1,000 American Express card + a $100 Starbucks card here!

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  • Monica

    FoR rEaL?!?

  • Ellen

    Ooh, I don’t love anything more than some wine and cheese!

  • Gerry

    Good to know.

  • Rose

    I don’t know. As it is many homeless hang out by one of the closest Starbucks that I go to. What would it mean if they could get wine? Also, I really do not enjoy when people get drunk and loud. Would that happen with this? I don’t know. Maybe you can let me know how it went at the other locations.

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