Happy National Mousse Day!

November 30 is National Mousse Day, and we thought we’d give you some great holiday dessert ideas that feature this lovely food! Keep reading to learn more about mousse, and how you can incorporate it into your dessert festivities.

Mousse gets its light texture from all of the air that is mixed into it during preparation. This dessert comes in many flavors, including the ever popular chocolate mousse.

This concoction was at one time only available in the finest French restaurants, but it graduated to become a popular dessert in Britain and the United States. Now, it is offered at many American-style restaurants. It is simple to make, involving egg and cream, whipped with either chocolate or fruit purée.

Here are some recipes for mousse. Please try them and let us know which one is your favorite!

Mousse Au Chocolate: This fancy sweet only contains four commonly-found ingredients. It’s so quick and easy too!
Pear Mousse: This decadent, fruity mousse combines pears with lemon Jello-O and cream cheese! It’s a great side or dessert!
Lemon Mousse: This is a light and refreshing dessert!

For the full list of mousse recipes on Recipe4Living, click here!

Tell us: What is your favorite mousse flavor? If you ate your favorite mousse at a restaurant, where is it?

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  • Berniece

    I love chocolate mousse! YUMMMAY!

  • http://www.comfortissebra.ca Lizzy @ Comfortisse Bra

    There’s nothing i love more than chocolate mousse for dessert. Thank you for posting those recipes.

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