Now That Thanksgiving Is Over…

…it’s time to think healthy! Keep reading for menu planners and recipes that will help keep you trim as we inch closer to New Year’s Eve (remember that amazing dress you bought one size too small?) and the resolutions that come with every new year!

Now that you’ve eaten your weight in turkey, it’s time to turn the tables on your diet and incorporate some healthy options into your meal plans!

Who doesn’t love a tasty lasagna? The best part about this dish is that it tastes good minus the calories of your typical lasagna dish, but doesn’t taste that way: Diet Lasagna

Not over turkey just yet? Try this tasty low-fat option! Low-Fat Turkey Wrap

Not feeling the low-fat wrap? Take on a turkey burger with spinach! It’s one of my personal favorites. There are times when I crave a turkey burger more than a typical burger; it’s better for me and it tastes great with a touch of spicy brown mustard.

Mediterranean Chicken tastes even better when a Greek makes it! I love a healthy entree accompanied by a Greek salad with feta or some Saganaki (flaming cheese, known in Greek as σαγανάκι). My longtime friend’s father is from Greece and they are very proud of their food – and wine! Feel free to sip a muscat with your meal.

If you are looking for something healthy and filling, look no further than this delicious healthy Chicken and Pasta dish.

Holiday beverages can be typical (egg nog, punch), so why not mix it up with this festive low-calorie Cranberry Fizz concoction? It’s red, it’s fizzy and it’s all-ages appropriate!

Dessert isn’t easy to do on a diet or when trying to cut the calories, but it is possible with these picks! Try the Low-Carb Cheesecake – not only will this force your body to burn fat reserve, but it will also curb additional cravings. Not into cheesecake? Try this Diet Spiced Angel Food Cake!

Are you looking for more ways to stay slim this season? Take a look at these waistline-friendly snacks! We love the spicy walnuts!

How do you plan on getting over your Thanksgiving food bender? Let us know in the COMMENTS!

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  • Holly

    Oy am I still FULL! I really have been trying to just eat healthy and kind of cleanse myself…if you know what I mean ;)

  • Deena

    I still feel awful…I’m not eating until Christmas and going to the gym 9 times a week.

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