Tell Us What You’ve Made!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Thanksgiving is a fantastic holiday full of family tradition and great, homemade meals and treats. We invite you to tell us what you made for your feast, and we will even publish it to so that others can make great food, too!

What’s the best thing you made for Thanksgiving?

My dad always makes sweet potatoes covered in brown sugar and marshmallows, turkey with pineapple glaze, roasted green beans, and amazing homemade stuffing.What does your family traditionally prepare for Thanksgiving?

We have other traditions besides just food. Our holiday is filled with fun family times and board games while football plays in the background. We always hope the Chicago Bears will play, but it hasn’t happened in my recent memory.

Tell us about your holiday. What did you make? What did you watch? We’d love you to share recipes in the comments!

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  • http://Recipe4living Joan Olney

    I guess we went traditional. Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, dressing, scalloped corn, homemade rolls, and pecan bars. Then one brother brought snacks like party mix and dipped pretzels and my sister brought spiced apple cider.

  • Dee Mohr

    We went a bit traditional, plus some. Turkey, mashed potatoes, candied yams, cranberry sauce and cran/raspberry jello salad. This year I added homemade noodle instead of dressing and gravy. My neighbor brought pumpkin and chocolate pies.

  • DaddyAr

    Last year we did an Italian Feast, this year my son wanted to eat his favorites from the Chinese restaurant. I made homemade beef lo mein, fried rice, general tao chicken, and Honey chicken. My wife made a honeybun cake, and peanut butter, topped with cholate cupcakes. The family and friends ran through it, “Good Times”.

  • kathleen cordero

    I prepared a traditonal thanksgiving dinner. I enjoy receiving your E mails
    daily, I look forward to them, and read
    all the receipies sent to me, I hope it will alway continue, would be lost without it, printed many receipies sent.
    thank you again

  • Donna

    Turkey w/corn bread stuffing & gravy,
    Baked ham,
    Mashed potaotes,
    Sweet potatoes w/brown sugar/butter/marshmallow topping,
    Green Bean casserole,
    Tomato bisque,
    Relish tray,
    Jelled cranberry sauce & homemade whole cranberry sauce, Rolls/Butter

  • Donna

    Oooo, forgot, pumpkin pie & homemade apple pie

  • Louise

    Tradition was tossed this year in favor of making a fresh ham, Italian green beans made with red onion and pancetta, pan roasted potatoes, sweet potato fries, and creamy corn. We started with a creamy pumpkin and squash soup which was heaven in a spoon. And we ended with pecan and sweet potato pies and a cheesecake. Our family has never been fond of turkey, so we have been preparing favorite foods instead at Thanksgiving. I hope your holiday was wonderful and that you were blessed to be with family and friends!

  • Katrina

    My Thanksgiving Nourishing Menu: quinoa and farro salad with spinach, pears, dried cherries, spiced cashews, citrus vinaigrette, and lemon Stilton cheese; fresh cranberries cooked in OJ and tossed with apples, orange segments and orange zest; herb and bacon sourdough bread dressing; brussels sprouts gratin with raw
    milk gruyere; mashed potatoes; gravy; spiced brined roasted turkey; duck egg sponge cake with lemon curd and orange scented whipped cream.

  • http://chewonthat Pat

    this year my son and i went totally non-traditional. We wanted to go to Joe’s Crab Shack but it is not open on Thanksgiving. For Thanksgiving dinner we had baby-back ribs and twice baked potatoes. Friday wewent to Joe’s Crab Shack – DELICIOUS. Saturday I roasted a turkey, made sausage, apple, raisin and walnut stuffing and all the other traditional dishes. Best part of it all was my sandwich tonight that was turkey meal on toasted white bread. It had (in this order) cranberry sauce, turkey, creamed pearl onions, mashed potatoes, green bean and asparagas casserole with cheese, stuffing and sweet potato (no gravy-too messy) it was a giant sandwich I had to carefully squish down to be able to bit into it :-)

  • GiGi

    What my family and I made this year:
    - Turkey (obviously!)
    - Steamed Leeks
    - Roasted Butternut Squash
    - Roasted Chestnuts
    - Sauteed & Roasted Brussels Sprouts
    - Roasted Onions

    And then my father also made:
    - Cranberry sauce
    - Sweet Potatoes
    - An Apple Tart (Fresh dessert)= Tar Tar Tien

    Just finished off all the left overs tonight! I think I ate an entire chestnut tree… In fact I do believe our turkey flew up into the tree, I crawled up in there after it… got hungry, killed and ate it and then snacked on chestnuts there afterwards!

  • Swallow Conrad

    Well, for my mom and husband, I made the traditional 29 hour turkey they love so much. But this year we also got my brother home for the holidays so grand-ma’s tamales recipe ended up coming out of the closet. It was a great holiday! cooking with emotions

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