Festive Drinks for Your Thanksgiving Party

Thanksgiving parties with family and friends are fun times filled with good food and company. But sometimes, all you need to get the party going is a little cheer in the form of a holiday drink. Keep reading to learn all the tips and tricks to making holiday drinks, and get our top 10 list!

Making holiday drinks is special because it’s a chance to show off your talents, and focus on presentation. This is your chance to log on Youtube and learn how to pour wine and beer correctly, and the proper method to use a shaker to make martinis.

Once you’ve mastered the etiquette, think about how you can make drinks extra special for the holidays. Use your fancy glassware, and give out charms so that guests can set their glasses apart. Utilize toothpicks or stir sticks and add seasonal garnish, such as cranberries or apple slices.

Here’s our Top 10 List of recipes you should make for holiday season. Click on each one to get the recipe!

10. Irish Cream Liquor
9. Crockpot Mulled Cider
8. Buttery Mulled Cider
7. Mayan Hot Chocolate
6. Apple Pie Cocktail
5. Caramel Hot Chocolate
4. Red Apple Martini
3. Apple Cider Punch
2. Autumn Tea

And the winner is…


Tell us: What’s your favorite fall drink? Do you have a signature drink that you order at the bar or make for company?

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