Mangia! An Italian Thanksgiving + Tips!

Having spent more than a couple of holidays with Italian friends, I have come to expect at least one pasta dish at an Italian-American Thanksgiving table. Baked pasta is homey, easy to make and satisfying for all. Keep reading for recipes, tips and holiday traditions!

Italian food has become an American staple, whether it’s your local Northern Italian gem (I love Sabatino’s in Chicago), a higher-end chain like Maggiano’s or Tuscany or a family-friendly buffet chain like Sweet Tomatoes. Whether you are Polish or Irish, French or South American, chances are that if you live in a major U.S. city, you’ve enjoyed an Italian meal, whether at the home of friends or out and about.

Take a look at our pasta recipes and tips for making a great pasta!

Are you a fan of Italian chicken or looking for an easy ravioli recipe? Italian food is so popular because it’s often easy to make. You can create a pasta sauce to your spice level and cook pasta the way you like it, whether it is al denta (the proper way) or a softer texture (great for little kids).

Two of my favorite dishes are antipasto and Pasta Puttanesca. Take a look at this link for recipes for both, plus a lasagna and baked clams dish. Click here for some of the easiest Italian desserts to cap off your meal!

It’s easy to apply an Italian twist to any holiday meal, whether it’s using butternut squash in a ravioli or roasting a turkey with traditional Italian spices like oregano, basil, sage, rosemary and thyme (Simon and Garfunkle would approve).

How do you use family traditions in new and exciting ways? How does your heritage affect the way you cook? Let us know int the COMMENTS!

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  • Deena

    My heritage is all about food! We always like to change things up though. I have been starting a tradition of making pumpkin pie martinis every Thanksgiving. It’s a hit!

  • Juana

    We always add a Mexican flair to thanksgiving! OLAY!

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