Celebrate Mexico’s Day of the Dead!

Día de los Muertos, more commonly known as Day of the Dead in the United States, is a holiday celebrated on November 1st and 2nd. Keep reading to learn the tradition of Day of the Dead, as well as some fantastic recipes you can make to commemorate this holiday!

Day of the Dead is a holiday celebrated primarily in Mexico, but it is also observed in other cultures around the world. The focus of this day is to commemorate loved ones that have died over the years, and reminisce about their favorite aspects of life. Family and friends will often make foods that the person enjoyed during their lifetime, and enjoy these while remembering the person.

There are some specific Day of the Dead traditions, such as decorating with sugar skulls and yellow marigolds. People traditionally visit the buried, and bring them these trinkets along with some things they enjoyed in life.

Here are some foods that we recommend you try for celebrating Day of the Dead. These items are traditionally made and consumed on this day.

Pan de Muertos (Day of the Dead Bread): This traditional bread makes a good centerpiece for the table. It can then be served as dessert or sliced and toasted for breakfast the next morning. Serve it with frothy cup of Mexican chocolate. Many Hispanic sections of grocery stores carry the gritty chocolate discs used to make this delicious hot beverage.

Mexican Raspberry Atole: This interesting Mexican drink is made with cornmeal, and is frequently used to celebrate Day of the Dead.

Tell us: Have you ever observed Day of the Dead, or tried Pan de Muertos or Atole?

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  • Maria

    I love Day of the Dead!

  • http://cecesally1@hotmail.com Celia G. Flores

    I also enjoy the “Dia De Los Muertos”, every year I set up an altar and decorate it with marigold flowers, skeletons,pictures of my deceased relatives and friends. This is done before Halloween and I leave it up for the entire month of November to celebrate “All Souls Day” and also “All Saints Day” which fall on November 1st and November 2nd.

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