A Guide to Cold Weather Beverages

Sure, you could go with your normal routine of coffee each day, just the way you like it. Or, you can add in some new and exciting flavors and try one of our recommended new spins on old beverage favorites!

Hot Apple Cider
To make hot apple cider, warm a mug full of cider in the microwave, or heat a batch in your tea kettle on the stove. Once it’s sufficiently hot, add a cinnamon stick and stir your drink. You will enjoy a warm, tasty drink that has a hint of the fall flavor and scent of cinnamon.

Fancy Hot Chocolate
To make a rich hot chocolate, take one of the hot chocolate packets you’d usually mix with water, and use milk instead. Heat the milk in a saucepan or in the microwave, and stir in a packet of mix. You can use a packet and a half (or even two packets!!) if you want a really thick mixture. Top your creation with the works: marshmallows, whip cream, chocolate shavings, and chocolate syrup for the full effect.

Flavored Lattes
You’ll need to be a coffee aficionado to own the proper equipment to make this drink. To make a great latte, get some seasonal flavored syrup such as vanilla, pumpkin, or cinnamon. Steam milk and add espresso along with your flavored syrup. For a specific recipe that includes quantities, just look out for your personal taste.

Tell us: What’s your favorite cold-weather drink?

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  • Boris

    I love Salted-Carmel Mochas!

  • Kimmy


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