The Community Garden…and the Muppets!

Every time I pass the local community garden, I feel a sense of pride. Neighborhood people come together to help the hungry by planting and harvesting food and crops; it’s an example of giving back and bringing together the community. Now the Muppets of Sesame Street are getting in on the giving spirit with their own garden! Keep reading to find out about their new primetime special airing tonight!

It’s sad when we realize that children in the United States often go to bed hungry. According to the USDA, one in four children don’t have enough food. This seems to be a growing epidemic, and one that is spreading quickly in these troubled times.

One of the ways communities come together to help stop hunger is to plant a community garden. This not only helps the neighbors get to know each other, but more importantly, helps to feed the needy. The Muppets of Sesame street are always looking to shed light on topics that concern and revolve around children, and tonight’s TV special “Growing Hope Against Hunger” is no exception.

In the special, a Muppet named Lily is a 7-year-old whose family struggles to put food on the table. Elmo and friends band together to help Lily by setting up a food bank and learning how to cultivate their own little community garden. They learn about the ways that simple gestures can help feed hundreds, if not thousands of people if more communities get together to help their fellow man.

Lily is a hot pink Muppet, but the TV special also focuses on real families struggling to feed their children. Their stories were documented to give Americans a better sense of what lower-class America is currently struggling with. While some may be disappointed that they can’t buy a summer home or afford a brand-new car, some Americans are facing real life dilemmas, and it’s time we all find out how we can help when we are so much better off.

With a $1.5 million grant provided to support this cause, Walmart is sponsoring the primetime special and has set up viewings of the program in various communities.

What do you think of the ‘Hungry Muppet’, as Lily has been called? Do you think this is a smart way to educate children and Americans in general about this national problem? Let us know in the COMMENTS!

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  • Sarah

    I think the show was an interesting concept.

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