The Art of Beef Cutting: Get Prepped Before the Holidays!

Are you a meat professional?
Probably not. I bet you’d like to be more adept at butchering meat, though, especially if you want to impress the family when the holidays roll around! Keep reading to discover butcher and author Kari Underly’s top tips for buying and butchering. She has the inside tips that you need to make your holiday table fabulous and delicious- and affordable to boot!

Kari Underly is no stranger to the camera, having recently appeared on The Today Show and the Food Network’s Unwrapped. She is a 3rd generation butcher, and in her book, she can help teach you how to grill the perfect steak, save money when shopping for meat and prep at home safely and properly! Here are some of Kari’s top tips:

Tip #1: Look at the grocery store ads.
“The secret to saving money is in the sale paper. The grocery ads are market driven, it’s all about supply and demand.  Knowing when to buy and stock up is the key to reducing your meat expenses (and the staff should be ready with some ideas for how to use it).”

Tip #2:  Walk the meat case.
“Do a quick scan of the entire meat case before setting your sights on one particular item. The case should be well organized with fresh bright colors. If you do not find it eye appealing go somewhere else.”

Tip #3: Understand how the meat case is organized to save time.
“Different cuts are usually arranged by cooking method, i.e. cuts for roasting and braising are together and cuts for grilling and pan-cooking are together. Many meat labels now come with suggestions that will tell you what cooking method is best.  Don’t hesitate to request a special cut. Just order it a week or so ahead.”

Looking for more amazing tips in Kari’s book: The Art of Beef Cutting

How do you plan on showcasing your food skills this upcoming holiday season? Let us know in the COMMENTS!

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