Happy Hot Mulled Cider Day!

It’s apple season, and what better way to celebrate than with a hot drink! Celebrate the holiday of Hot Mulled Cider Day with a hot glass of apple cider. Keep reading for recipes and tips that make this holiday spectacular!Apple cider is one of my favorite fall beverages, and I always go out of my way to buy a gallon once I know it’s at the store. Keep reading for some great serving tips!

The Cinnamon Secret
My mom taught me the best recipe for making apple cider taste even better. Heat the cider in a tea kettle or in the microwave until it steams. When it is sufficiently hot, add in a cinnamon stick and stir it. This makes a great party treat. If you are of age, add cinnamon liqueur for an extra special taste.

On the Rocks
Apple cider is a great cold beverage as well. In a pint glass, add lots of large ice cubes and feel free to sprinkle with cinnamon. Add an apple slice for garnish, and you’ll be ready to host a seasonal party with this drink as your center beverage.

Tell us: How do you like your apple cider?

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  • Sherry Wilkening

    I love to have hot sauce on my potatoe chips and french fries!Mmmm…sooo good!

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