When Cupcakes Play Dress Up… [Part II]

To celebrate football, we have some great dessert and meal ideas. When everyone is sitting on the couch watching the big game, you don’t want to be making an elaborate dish. Keep reading for quick and easy meal ideas, and how to make these cupcakes!

Football season is cherished by many and all, and it comes with its own form of gourmet dining. Food for football games has to be eaten on the couch, so it can’t be too messy. It also has to be not too complicated, so everyone has adequate time to enjoy the entertainment.

To make football cupcakes:
Make chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting on top. Use a knife to outline the shape of a football in the top of the frosting. Using a white frosting, draw in the stitches in the middle of the football, and on the sides of the football. Use green sprinkles to look like grass is sitting all around the football. You will have a festive treat that everyone will enjoy on gameday, and any other day!

Other food options…
Unfortunately, one cannot just eat cupcakes on gameday. Read these great articles on how to make food for your entire group!
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Tell us: What’s your favorite game day tradition?

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