When Cupcakes Play Dress Up…

… Sometimes they look like Popcorn! One of our Recipe4Living editors made these fantastically cute and scrumptious cupcakes for the office. If you keep reading, we’ll tell you how to make these cupcakes, and we’ll give you loads of other tips on creating unique and tasty desserts!

To make the popcorn cupcakes: The recipe is really simple! Make yellow cupcakes and frost them with vanilla frosting. Then, stick in mini marshmallows and fill in the cracks between the marshmallows with yellow sugar to look like butter. Print wraps to go around the cupcakes off the computer, and tape them on over your regular cupcake wrapper, and you’re done!

Heart Cupcakes: This recipe will make cupcakes with hearts in the middle! Check out the recipe and think about using this concept in other breads and cakes! Bake a cake of one color, and make cutouts of fun shapes, in this case, a heart. Then, add the cooked shape into the batter for a cake of a different color! Once the whole thing is cooked and cooled, you will have a holiday-appropriate work of art!

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Tell us: What’s your favorite flavor of cupcakes?

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  • http://ChewonThat Arlene Lockhart

    Where on the internet do you get the wraps from to tape on the cupcakes?

  • http://ChewonThat Arlene Lockhart

    Where can I find the wrappers to print out to put around the cupcakes for decorations?

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