Arsenic, Apple Juice and Dr. Oz

This story has been circulating for some time now. Dr. Oz alleged that some of the best-known brands of apple juice contained arsenic and felt it was his duty to inform the public. Now the FDA is weighing in and has a few choice words for the good doctor. Keep reading to learn more about this story- is apple juice laced with arsenic, or is it really safe after all?

Dr. Oz is a trusted doctor who has built an empire on his knowledge, expertise and likeability. He informs his patients and viewers of stories in the news and topics that concern him and the health of others often, and the apple juice incident is just one example of this.

Dr. Oz and his team launched an investigation along with the help of an independent lab study in order to determine if there was any truth to the reports of there being arsenic in apple juice sold nationwide in a variety of stores and big-name brands. His team says, that despite the phrase ‘American as apple pie’, many apple products come from a variety of countries, and a box of children’s apple juice could contain apples from as many as 6 or 7 countries. Unlike in the U.S., arsenic  is used in many of said countries as a pesticide and is also often found in the water supply. You can find the results of the study taken here: Dr. Oz Apple Juice study.

Upon reviewing the results, the FDA countered that Dr. Oz’s study only measured the total amount of arsenic in the apple juice. Arsenic can be found in organic form, and, according to the FDA, is harmless. Inorganic arsenic can, however, be fatal. The Dr. Oz study tested for the total amount of arsenic while the FDA says they test for organic and inorganic arsenic levels.

Dr. Oz isn’t backing down, and asks Americans how they feel about this topic- especially parents with thirsty children who love apple juice.

Who do you side with, Dr. Oz or the FDA? Is arsenic in any form a scary idea to you? Do you feel like you learned more about arsenic than you knew before? My only experience has been through enjoying a certain classic Cary Grant film! Let us know in the COMMENTS!

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  • Donna M.

    Dr. Oz is a tv personality and is going for the OMG factor on his tv show. His test is faulty and I don’t believe a word he says. Just watch his show and you will see all the sensationalism you need to make crazy statements. The poop commercial is a good example of this.

  • Bonnie Boggs

    I am very happy, excited, and relieved that Dr OZ is speaking up about health issues and is not afraid to do so. I believe his report about apple juice. Its about time we had someone like Dr. Oz to look out for us.

  • Mary Dailey

    I watched this show and his findings scared me because so many of us give our children and ourselves apple juice everyday.

    If Dr. Oz is standing firm on his findings,let him have the labs that ran the tests for him run them for organic and inorganic arsenic just like the FDA does.

    This would put all our minds to rest on this subject.

  • Tess Vowels

    This “popular tv dr” is as quacky as they come! Arsenic (natural( in apple seeds… but if it was enough to KILL, we’d have 100s of dead people due to “arsenic-poisoning”!!! All he did was alarm the public & put fear in parents & elderly! License should be revoked & get him OFF the tv!!!

  • http://RR veronica simms


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