Food in the News: Cantaloupe Contamination Warning

It’s time for me to keep you updated on food in the news. Whether it’s customer service winning out over self-checkout lines or the listeria-contaminated cantaloupe warnings, Chew on That is bringing you the latest food news after the jump!

Let’s first address the most pressing news: Cantaloupes have been contaminated with listeria, and over 600 pounds of cantaloupe has been recalled. The death toll has already risen to 8 people and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) wants everyone to be aware of this important food safety issue.

Have you ever rushed to the self-checkout line at the grocery store and ended up waiting longer than you would have in a typical check-out line due to a system error, broken change dispenser or while waiting for someone to check your I.D. for your alcohol purchase? It turns out that many Americans prefer the interaction they have with the check-out cashier and believe it usually saves them time, too!

You may think street food in NYC is all about steamed hot dogs and salty pretzels, but the best street food is actually more like gourmet cuisine served street side. Who are the winners? Korean BBQ, shaved ice and tasty tacos came out on top!

Want to see the silver fox that is Anderson Cooper argue with comedian Jerry Seinfeld about food? Look no further!

Did you have to toss out any cantaloupe purchases? Did you buy them in the self-checkout line? What are your experiences with street food? Let us know in the COMMENTS!

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  • Jeanne Mock

    Thanks for the heads up! Luckily I don’t currently have any cantaloupe, and I think I will hold off a bit on getting more!

  • Cindy Carroll

    Just bought a cantaloupe this afternoon, are all brands bad???? It is the best fragrent one I have experienced this year. Don’t want to cut up and serve if there is a chance it is contaminated…

  • Emilie

    Hi Cindy. In order to be safe, we would certainly recommend not eating the cantaloupe you purchased.

  • Elif

    Im going to try this! im black, white, philipino, and jaenpase. since my mom is everything but black and my dad is only black i eat alot of diffrent foods. i really hope this works. but my family is not the type to incorage me on. there chunky. im chuncky as well but im the only one that trys to lose weight. my mom buys the food most of the time but its never things i want or need. id like to learn cooking but my dad likes to just eat out>< im the only person in my family who watches asian dramas, listens to k-pop( or other asian laungage music) and likes to learn about asian culture. everyone in my house is americanized ahaha. i hope this works! thank you so much^^~ <3

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