Fancy Food Friday: How to Decorate a Cake

To celebrate all the fall birthdays around, we’re going to teach you how to decorate a cake! Everyone will admit that baking the cake isn’t nearly as hard as frosting it properly. Keep reading to learn all the secrets to frosting a cake like a pro!

The easiest way to decorate a cake is to frost the entire surface with icing. There are a lot of tips to keeping the crumbs out of the cake, the most important of which is to never touch the spatula to the cake. If you only make contact with the frosting, you’ll have a better product.

Make sure your timing is right in decorating a cake. After baking the cakes, make sure you allow them to cool completely. Warm cakes are more fragile, and they change shape as they cool. You’ll probably notice that the volume of your cake is a lot bigger when it’s warm, but it will sink as it cools.

There is also another long waiting period after frosting the first layer on the cake. Let the first coat of icing/frosting harden before embellishing it with further decoration and frosting.

Now that you know the basics, here are some frosting and cake recipes!
Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting
Yellow Cake
Cola Cake
Butter Frosting
Marshmallow Icing

Tell us: What’s your favorite cake and frosting combination?

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  • Virginia Smith

    I like the chocolate cake and the marshmallow icing. This is better than my own.

  • Victoria Gilmore

    We like a lot of sauces, but like meat sauce the best over meatballs and thin spaghetti. Alfredo sauce is great over shrimp and fettucini noodles.

  • Victoria Gilmore

    I apologize for posting the wrong information on this one. I like a chocolate cake with butter frosting.

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