Hearty Dinner Thursday: Charming Casseroles

Some of the heartiest and best home-cooked meals are casseroles. Now that the weather is getting chilly, a warm casserole dinner is the perfect addition to time with family and friends. Keep reading to get the information on casseroles, and how you can incorporate them into your routine. Vegetarian Casseroles are a great way to get a tasty, oven crisp treat without all the fuss of cooking meat. The list includes some greats such as Spinach Casserole and Cauliflower Corn Bake. Check out the full collection to get 15 Savory Vegetable Casseroles!

Beef Casseroles are similarly scrumptious, and have a ton of flavor.The ideas are diverse, as you could make a Taco Pie or a Beef Macaroni Crunch, just to name a couple of choices. Beef is incorporated into a lot of different food styles such as Mexican and Irish, so keep looking to find a casserole that expresses whatever cultural vibe you like! The Top 10 Beefy Casserole Recipes will get you started in the right direction tonight for dinner.

Tell us: What’s your favorite casserole? Do you have any recipe requests?

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  • http://www.allchinesefood.com tracy

    Chicken casserole~!my favorite, also love the vegetarian Casseroles.

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