Is Chew on That the Best Food Blog?

Chew on That was just nominated by Friends Eat as the best food blog! Keep reading to see how you can help Chew on That attain the title of best food blog… it takes only one click! Friends Eat is a food community, and they are hosting a contest to determine the best food blogger of 2011. Chew on That is among the nominees!

Here are some ways that you can help Chew on That nab this prestigious award:
1. Vote: By following this link, you can vote for Chew on That as your favorite food blog. Simply, scroll down the list of blogs until you find Chew on That, click the bubble, and scroll down until you see the button for “Vote!”

2. Tell your friends: If you love Chew on That, make sure you tell friends and family about all the great features. Whether you like Hearty Dinner Thursday or Fancy Food Friday, share the tips with your relatives. They’ll love all the great information, and you’ll help Chew on That.

Tell us: What blogs do you like to read? What do you wish we would feature on Chew on That?

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