Fancy Food Friday: The Power of Powders

In terms of food decoration, it’s great to add color and flavor at once. That’s why this week’s tip is all about sprucing up your dinner with a flare of spicy color. Read on to learn the food and spice combos that should hold a regular spot in your dinner routine.

Paprika is a beautiful reddish-brown spice that is an essential ingredient in many casseroles and dishes. For added color, try making KFC Cole Slaw, Paprika and Garlic Roast Chicken,  or Turkey Potato Casserole, and add a pattern of paprika to the top of it. Not only will it look beautiful, the added spice will give your dish even more flavor.

The same goes for garlic powder, ground pepper, sea salt, and many leaf spices such as parsley and basil. Make a dish that compliments the spice, and sprinkle a pattern of it on top for a great garnish. If you’re cooking for a certain occasion or holiday, feel free to draw a design. Make a border of your favorite spice around the edge of a dish. The possibilities are endless.

Tell us: What’s your favorite spice garnish and dish combo?

  • Mary Baker

    I like the Paprika and garlic roast chicken.

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