Hearty Dinner Thursday: Country Turkey Casserole

We were between several exceptional dishes this week, and a casserole was definitely due for Hearty Dinner Thursday. This week’s meal features stuffing, turkey, and gravy, and is the perfect comfort meal. Keep reading to get this recipe, and lots more ideas for hearty casseroles!

The turkey and stuffing of the casserole is complimented by a savory sauce that brings back fond memories of holidays and times with family. Recreate this sentiment in your kitchen tonight with this great casserole.

Get the recipe for Country Turkey Casserole!

There are lots of ways to make this recipe all your own. For the unspecified vegetables, make a mixture of three or four of your favorites. Campbell’s recommends that you use green beans and carrots, but feel free to add in peas and celery if you wish.

Here are some other great hearty casseroles:
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Tell us: What is your favorite casserole? Do you have any special casserole tips?

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