Scrumptious Sweet Potato Desserts

Maybe you think of sweet potatoes as a great casserole or side dish, sprinkled with brown sugar and butter. We’re here to tell you that sweet potatoes also make spectacular desserts! Keep reading to get some quick and easy recipes, and incorporate this veggie into your last course.

Here are three great desserts you can make with sweet potatoes:

1. Sweet Potato Ice Cream: This is a great and delicious way to trick you children into getting their veggies intake. Plus you’ll love it too. The ice cream is paired well with pound cake or pumpkin pie for a true fall vibe.

2. Sweet Potato Crisp: This festive dish is perfect for your holiday table! Cinnamon, apples, sugar and cranberries will make this a family favorite in no time. It’s perfect for fall, and when you make it, your kitchen will smell heavenly because of the spices and warmth.

3. Sweet Potato Pecan Pie: Whether for the holidays or anytime, I bet you can’t eat just one slice. This new take on sweet potato pie and pecan pie is all the more unique and tasty. Not many people will have tried this great recipe before, and you’ll be the hit of the party.

Need more Sweet Potato ideas? Get the full list of 15 Super Sweet Potato Desserts here.

Tell us: Do you enjoy desserts made with vegetables?

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  • Curt

    My sister always makes sweet potato pie as an alternative to pumpkin pie.

    My favorite is pecan, so I’ll bet the sweet potato Pecan pie would be great!

  • Jennifer

    I have a Sweet Potato Pound Cake that is scumptious! I served it to people that HATE Sweets Potato’s and they loved it! It is truly delicious!!!

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