The New Food Network Star Winner: Jeff Mauro!

Beating out contestant Susie Jimenez, Jeff Mauro was crowned the new Food Network Star! Read more to find out more about this new up-and-coming food star, his new show and his road to fame!

On the Sunday night finale of Food Network Star, Jeff Mauro won the coveted title and will go on to star on his own new daytime show entitled ‘Sandwich King‘. With his daft skill, way with the camera and general on-air personality, Jeff won over the judges with his skills and overall talent in the kitchen.  His new daytime series will premiere on August 21.

Mauro is a private chef  from Chicago who graduated from California’s Hollywood Kitchen Academy. He has held a variety of positions ranging from line cook to cooking instructor. Having spent time as a comedian, Mauro manages to balance a sense of fun and skill in his work, which obviously lends well to working on-camera and ‘performing’ for a TV audience. He was chosen for both his culinary abilities and his genuine style and easygoing personality. Can’t wait to see him in action!

Other show contestants including runner-up Susie Jimenez will be participating in book signings in select cities across the country, including New York and Chicago. After over ten weeks of filming, all of the contestants hope to grow their own businesses whether they were crowned ‘Star’ or not! Everyone put in sweat and tears and should be proud of their accomplishments on the show.

Did you watch the finale? Did Mauro deserve to win? Are you looking forward to his new show? Let us know in the COMMENTS!

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  • Iris

    My congratulation to the three finalist in the foodnetwork star. But especialy to Jeff Mauro, can’t wait to watch his show on Sunday!

  • MeMe More

    Can’t believe this clown won over any of the other finalists. Please. Sandwiches?!? Anyone can make a flamin’ sandwich. Definitely won’t tune in to his show.

  • Chris

    I think he is a great personality for the network!

  • Millie

    The woman that was up against him won hands down. Too bad. I won’t watch him.
    We all know how to make a sandwich!!!

  • Mary

    Mauro is boring. There are many just like him. Besides the sandwich thing, he should have been eliminated for the “Balls on the Roll” thing.

  • Yourmom

    You are all bunch of damn whiners go eat a taco

  • Barb Dill

    You made a comment yesterday on keeping Garden grown fresh tomatoes for later use in the year. I missed it! please respone again. Many Thanks Barb

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