Food in the News: Chicago’s Girl and the Goat

This past week I was lucky enough to enjoy a 9PM reservation at Stephanie Izard’s  Girl and the Goat, located in the West Loop area of Chicago. I made the reservation over 2 months earlier, so I was really pumped for the visit! Read on to see some more highlights from my dining experience…including pig face!

Girl and the Goat is just one of many Chicago restaurants that are known for their wait- sometimes a 2-3 month wait at that! Upon our arrival at the restaurant, we were warmly greeted and nearly immediately seated. I was happy to have a great, comfy booth seat and not a table in the middle of the room. We quickly got to talking with our equally-friendly table to the right of us and asked them about their desserts. The atmosphere was young, contemporary and definitely fun!

(Some) of the Food We Ate:
Moonstone Oysters
with bacon, horseradish and preserved lemon
Ham Frittes
with smoked tomato aioli and a cheddar beer sauce
Goat Liver Mousse
served with peach mostarda, corn relish and crumpets
Bittersweet Chocolate
with shiitake gelato and toffee creme fraiche
Pork Fat Doughnuts
with honey yogurt, carmelized figs, lemony eggplant and ham streusel
Pig Face-
It’s just what you think it is. Crispy, delicious and filling! It was served with a sunny side egg, tamarind, cilantro and potato ‘stix’.

Things to Know:
This could be a great place for a date, but be aware that it is full of lots of chatty people and isn’t a quiet place.

The clientele is fun and hip. I took a terrific photo of a couple outside the restaurant under the Girl and the Goat sign and have yet to include it here. Just know the male dipped the female into a kiss and that the majority of the people at the restaurant are also as easygoing and cute!

You will be waiting. Book now if you plan to enjoy the food by the Fall!

Another Top Chef contestant with a Chicago restaurant that is worth checking out is Dale Levitski of Season 3 of Top Chef . He helms Sprout, another upscale restaurant (located in the Lincoln Park/De Paul neighborhood) with a relaxed vibe. Expect to find duck, shrimp and rabbit on the dinner menu and a lovely brunch with plays on the waffle and pop tarts!

What restaurant have you visited recently? Did you try something new and different? Let us know in the COMMENTS!

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  • Melissa

    Wow, very interesting!

  • Chris

    I love goats! hahhaha!

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