How to Freeze Peaches

Everyone loves fresh peaches, but it’s hard to find them when they’re not in season.  If you want to enjoy fresh peach recipes well into the winter, there is a way!  All you need to do is freeze them, and the process is super-simple!  Keep reading to find out exactly how you can keep your fresh peaches for months to come.

Freezing peaches is easy! Here’s how you do it:

1. Start with fresh, ripe peaches.
Pick them yourself or head to the grocery store!

2. Peel the peaches.
Here’s a trick from our Encyclopedia of Tips that was shared by one of our users: “To peel a peach or anything else with skin, dip quickly in a pot of boiling water. Stick a fork into the stem and use a paring knife to easily remove the skin.”

3. Remove pit and slice peaches.
You can leave the peaches in halves, or you can slice into smaller pieces, if desired.

4.  Preserve peaches.
You can’t just freeze the peaches right away.  You first need to cover them with lemon juice (about 1/4 cup) or ascorbic acid mixed with water (1/4 teaspoon ascorbic acid mixed with 1/4 cup water) to keep them from darkening in color.  Then, you need to cover the peaches in sugar (about 1 cup to every 4 cups peaches) to preserve them.

5. Seal the peaches in plastic freezer bags.
Place your peaches into labeled and dated Ziploc bags, squeeze out excess air, and put them in the freezer.

6. Store for up to 6 months and enjoy!

Once your peaches have thawed, try making these yummy recipes:
Fresh Peach Cobbler
Fresh Peach Pie
Fresh Peach Crisp
Fresh Peach Tarts
Fresh Peach Pound Cake

You tell us: What is your favorite way to use fresh peaches?

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  • Curt

    Almost the same way I used to freeze strawberries.

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