Fancy Food Friday: Dollops of Dip

For many different foods, a portion of sauce or dip is a necessary side. Making this sauce a work of art can make all the difference in the presentation of your dinner. Keep reading on how to become a grand garnisher, and make your sauces appealing in today’s Fancy Food Friday! 

Consistency: Judge the consistency of the sauce you need to serve. Sauces like gravy (get a great recipe here) and olive oil are really thin, and need to be served in an outside container else they’ll run into the rest of the food. Try getting some cute containers at Target or Crate&Barrel.

For thicker sauces like sour cream and guacamole, you can add a heap to lots of different foods and it will look like a piece of art. Try making salmon with Mango Salsa and just pour the salsa right on top of the salmon steak!

If you’re making a Baked Potato (here’s a recipe for Baked Potatoes in a Crockpot!) try adding an assortment of sides to the plate for a really sophisticated look. Add bacon bits, diced green onions, and a dollop of sour cream in an interesting pattern around your potato for a look that isn’t what you eat everyday.

If you’re making your own dips for recipes, make sure not to over-process your ingredients. For example, mango salsa looks a lot more interesting when you can see all the ingredients, as opposed to blending it into a more uniform mixture.

You tell us: How do you make your dips look interesting? How do you avoid all your food running together on the plate?

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