Hearty Dinner Thursday: Ravioli and Meat Sauce

On Hearty Dinner Thursday, we like to give you dinner ideas that are packed with flavor, so you can enjoy your almost-weekend. This Thursday’s recommendation definitely passes the tasty test, and it’s so easy to make, you’ll wonder why you don’t eat it more often! Keep reading for the how-to on Ravioli and Meat Sauce.

Eating a hearty dinner doesn’t have to cost a ton of money or be labor-intensive, just check out these tips for Ravioli and Meat Sauce.

Ravioli: Depending on how you feel, you can either buy ravioli or make it yourself. Head to the freezer section of your local grocer and grab a bag of either meat or cheese ravioli. Or, you can try your hand at making it! These recipes aren’t too complicated, and you’ll love the smell and taste of fresh pasta.

So Easy: Homemade Ravioli with Ricotta Filling
Ravioli Sophia

Sauce: The sauce of this meal is extremely important. If you’d like a less hearty meal, you can make Marinara Sauce, but we recommend going all out with a meat sauce. Here’s a list of some great sauces you can try pairing with your ravioli:

Easy Marinara Sauce
Craig’s Pasta Sauce
Meat Spaghetti Sauce

Make a really hearty dinner tonight with Ravioli and Meat Sauce. No one will leave the table hungry. Great sides to include with your dinner are Garlic Bread and a Green  Salad.

You tell us: What is your favorite pasta and sauce combo?

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