Wacky Wednesday: Kraft Foods and Its Weird History

Kraft is synonymous with cheese, particularly Kraft singles. When you are making a grilled cheese sandwich, their cheese is probably your go-to ingredient. But do you know about the wacky history of the Kraft company? Read more to find out about the company that recently decided to split in two.

Some of your favorite snacks may be cookie staples like the Oreo or cheesy and crispy Ritz crackers. It just so happens that these products are made by the Kraft company. Here are some strange points in the history of the company that has brought us everything from A1 steak sauce to Wheat Thins!

1903: James Kraft begins selling his cheese door-to-door in the great city of Chicago, but ends up losing both money and his horse.

1980: Kraft merges with Dart, a company that makes Duracell batteries. That is some charged-up cheese!

1988: Cigarette giant Philip Morris pays over $12 billion for Kraft after already having purchased General Foods. Would you like a drag with that cheese stick?

2010: After a lot of drama, that famous British Cadbury egg bunny must pack up his Easter basket and move over to Kraft…for a cool estimated $20 billion. Cheese and eggs do go well together, after all!

Do you know any weird  facts about your favorite food brands? Do you think it was a good decision for the company to split? Let us know in the comments!

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  • http://KraftFoods Aj

    WOW! That’s totally amazing. Especially about the duracell batteries. Interesting! I don’t think the company should split though. It can get down right confusing. I don’t have enough info 2go on 4 my reason but I like Kraft’s products just the way they r. I wouldn’t change a thing.

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