Fancy Food Friday: Creative Containers

You could serve your food in a casserole dish, but why not give your plate a bit more pizazz and up the ante on the container? Be the brightest star at the next potluck or family gathering and bring one of these crazy cool containers. Keep reading to get the scoop on how to have the most creative crate for your food. 

Here are three of our favorite crazy containers:

1. Watermelon. Yes, a watermelon can actually house a lot of different dishes. Consider making it the host of your Hawaiian Salad or Fruit Salad. People will definitely say “wow” when they see this cool container.

2. Flowerpot. We’ve seen this one done successfully many times. It may sound a bit unconventional, but don’t judge before you try this amazing dessert. Make Chocolate Pudding and mix in Oreo crumbs so that it looks like Dirt Pudding. Fill the flowerpot with some dirt and sprinkle  Oreo crumbs on top. Add some gummi worms to make it look really outdoorsy, and stick a sugar flower in it. Voila, you have a kid-friendly dessert bursting with creativity!

3. Coconut. For a summer party or even just a drink at home, use the coconut to serve a tropical drink such as the Coconut Daiquiri. Just be sure to bring your drill or a hammer –  sometimes it’s really hard to get those buggers open.

You Tell Us: What’s the most unconventional item you’ve used to house food? Is it weirder than a flowerpot?

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