Hearty Dinner Thursday: Teriyaki Stir Fry

It’s time to dust off the wok (or largest fry pan) and make some stir fry! Even if you’ve never made stir fry, you’ll be a pro after today. The best thing about stir fry is that it’s totally customizable, and you can make it to your liking. Keep reading to learn the technique and get some great recipes!

1. Hearty. This dinner is all about getting a great serving of protein, right? Chicken and beef are both great added to stir fry. Take your raw meat, and cut it into small cubes or sections. You want the chunks to be small so that it cooks at the same rate as the vegetables. Set it aside to be put in the stir fry pan. Note: If you’re a vegetarian, feel free to use tofu!

2. Veggies. Even if you’re not totally into greens or healthy food, vegetables add great flavor and color to the stir fry. Fruits and veggies to consider: pineapple, zucchini, pea pods, carrots, red onions, and mini corn cobs. Don’t just use our list though, think of your favorite veggies and add them to the mix! Once you have all of your veggies and meat ready, turn on the stove and start frying!

3. Sauce and Spice. Choose a sauce, and measure about a 1/2 C. of it for each serving of stir fry. Some great options include teriyaki and sweet and sour. For spices, add what you usually like on your food: salt, pepper, garlic, or cayenne to taste. Add the spice when you start cooking the meat and veggies, but hold on the sauce until your food is almost done to preserve it’s flavor and make sure it coats the cooked food.

Voila! You have a great stir fry meal that is totally customized to your liking!

If you want a recipe that you know will taste good and have the perfect amount of the ingredients, check out these recipes:
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You Tell Us: Do you enjoy making stir fry? What is your favorite stir fry ingredient or sauce?

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