Wacky Wednesday: The Mangoes Have Arrived!

This could easily qualify as a Food in the News blog, but in this case, I am finding it weird and wacky that everyone is losing their heads over the fact that Pakinstani mangoes have arrived in America! Why are these fruits so special? They even had their own party! Read on to learn more about these succulent fruits and their newfound celebrity status!

After several years of negotiations, America finally has the Pakistani mango! Hurrah, huzzah, hooray!

In a media press release, the US Department of Agriculture said that both America and Pakistan (the largest exporter of mangoes) had lobbied to open the US market to Pakistani mango growers and to give all of us stateside the opportunity to enjoy a wider variety of fruit. Who doesn’t love a bit of variety? The sweet fruit landed at Chicago’s bustling O’ Hare airport just this week (wearing a fur coat and heels, no doubt)!

The infamous and much-prized mangoes were served at a Chicago gala hosted by Pakistan’s ambassador to the US.  The much-discussed fruit was wheeled out and presented with pride and gusto, surrounded by ice sculptures. It was a grand and dramatic presentation according to the enviable guests. Photos were taken, hearts were stolen. It was quite the event for such a small fruit!

All joking aside, there is a considerable amount of excitement in both the US Pakistani community and with sweet fruit lovers alike. The Pakistani community misses this fruit (their national fruit) and people say that the Mexican varieties can’t compare to the sweetness of the Pakistani mango. It also holds a lot of important to their history and food culture.

The mangoes will be treated in Iowa before being sold to the public. (Almost sounds like they’re going to get ‘some work done’)!

I wonder if the mangoes wore their best evening gowns to the gala! What do you think about this fruit? Are you interested in trying it? Is all the hype warranted?

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  • Melissa

    This is so cool! I didn’t know there was such fanfare! I would’ve went. Mangos are definitely one of my favorite fruit!

  • http://www.irishcentreonline.com Irish Centre Online

    Mango’s are an acquired taste for me.

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