How to Make the Perfect Trail Mix

Trail mix is a classic snack, and now there are so many varieties at the supermarket. Usually though, there is one ingredient in the trail mix that is not your favorite, and that ends up sitting at the bottom of the container. Cut out the waste, and mix your own trail mix to your exact specifications. Continue reading to learn how to optimize your mix!

Trail Mix is a Mixture of Taste. The best trail mixes incorporate a variety of tastes, including salty and sweet. Add some crackers for salt, and M&Ms, raisins, or chocolate chips for sweet.

Think Nutrition. If you need extra protein or fiber in your diet, add it to your trail mix. For protein, add nuts such as peanuts or cashews, or a treat with peanut butter chips. These are ingredients not only good for snacking, but they’ll also help you fill out your diet.

Make it pretty. Yes, food that is visually appealing always helps us eat it! Mix up the colors, and if your trail mix is looking too beige, add M&Ms, craisins, or dark pretzels. Goldfish crackers can also add some orange color.

Here’s my perfect trail mix: I use goldfish crackers, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, chex, peanut putter chips, and rye slices. This mix gives a great variety of color, and I get some much needed protein!

Check out these recipes for more great trail mixes:
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You tell us: What’s your favorite ingredient in trail mix?

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