A Thousand Dollar Bagel?!

When going out for a Chicago steak dinner, I expect to spend at least $75 for my meal. I can always make an amazing steak at home, but I enjoy the throwback to the past, sitting in a Chicago steakhouse that has existed since the days of Sinatra, or even back to when the gangsters of yesteryear ruled the city streets. When I get my morning bagel, however, I don’t expect to spend more than $3. So WHY is there a thousand dollar bagel? Does each purchase go towards world peace? Read on to find out…

New York is the Big Apple, a city of dreams…and price-tags. One of them is $1000, and it appears next to a baked good. The bagel at The Westin New York will prevent you from buying any souvenirs, that much is certain. It includes white truffle cream cheese and gold leaves. The gold is something a lot of chefs have been including to up the price tag of these ‘only get it if you’re Donald Trump’ goodies.

Another Chicago staple is the hot dog. I would pay $2 for a hot dog. I would even pay $10 for a good hot dog with a multitude of toppings. I can decisively say, however, that I would NOT pay $69 for a hot dog. Serendipity 3 in NYC makes a (hopefully delicious) ‘haute’ dog that includes fois gras and black truffles. Marilyn Monroe was known to frequent this haunt back in the day, but even her ghost couldn’t convince me to spend this much for a hot dog. (I did enjoy a lovely BLT there for less than $12).

Serendipity 3 was at the center of a feature film starring John Cusack and let’s just assume that even good ol’ John probably wouldn’t want to spend $25k on an ice cream dish. Oh yes, they also have a ‘Haute Chocolate’ sundae drenched in gold leaves and served in a goblet at the very haute price of $25,000. Does the goblet come with a fairytale prince? I hope so.

The winner in all of this is the infamous fruitcake. A few years back, a chef in Tokyo auctioned off his creation for over 1.5 million. This lends a new spin on the term ‘hard as a rock’ when referring to fruitcake as the cake included over 200 diamonds. Maybe Kate and William are interested? They did serve fruitcake at their wedding, after all…

What is the most expensive dish you’ve ever had? Was it worth it? Let us know in the comments!

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  • jerry

    The mostexpensive dish I ever had was a gal nemed Stacey…..and I married her 23 years ago.

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