Food In The News: Food As Art

Food can be beautiful. We all know this. Some diners just want their food to taste good, but some people demand that their experience be visually-pleasing to boot. In her new food art series, artist Judith Klausner isn’t afraid to push the limit when it comes to being daring or creative. She explores tasks that are associated with women throughout time- such as embroidery. Check out her Victorian cameo (made with an Oreo!) and other eclectic pieces that are statements on society as much as they are eye-pleasing food art.

Condiment wallpaper! Judith created a traditional Victorian wallpaper with materials such as BBQ sauce and yellow mustard. You may not want to display this on your wall, but it is certainly a creative use of our favorite hot dog and burger condiments!

Would you like some embroidered toast for breakfast? Using thread, toast and paper, this piece really does look (almost) good enough to eat!

Want some inspiration with that cereal? Never forget to eat the most important meal of the day. This piece is witty and pretty and everything nice! If you’re a mom, you will love it!

These lovely art pieces are examples of using food as art to an extreme. There are many other ways to use art in cooking presentation. I know I loved the massive Hogwarts castle cake made for every Harry Potter premiere by the Ace of Cakes, Duff Goldman. He always found a way to make the castle different based on the film it was for. I also envy and adore veggie art and the way chefs make a carrot seemingly transform into a flower petal.

Have you created any food art of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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