How to Grill Fish

Welcome back to week 2 of my Sunday how-to lessons!   This week’s topic: fish and how to grill ‘em. Grilling fish can be tricky; cook them too little and you could get sick, but overcook them and you have dry, flavorless (and maybe even charred!) fish.  Keep reading to learn the one rule of thumb for grilling fish that every person should know, plus plenty of other helpful tips!

The one most important rule of thumb for grilling fish is this:
Grill fish for 10 minutes per inch of thickness!

This is a must-know tip for every grill master, and it’s not hard to remember.  Of course, there are many factors that can change those numbers, such as the heat of you grill (stick to medium) or the state of your fish.  Obviously, frozen fish will need to be grilled for up to twice as long as fresh fish.

When your fish are done cooking, they should flake easily and appear opaque.  Make sure you check the thickest part of the fish, and not just the edges.

I’d recommend marinating the fish overnight before you grill it, just to give the fish an extra kick of flavor.  Here are some marinade recipes to try:
Balsamic Seafood Marinade
Dill Marinade
Basil Balsamic Marinade for Fish

Another way to make sure that your fish has the best flavor possible is by thawing it correctly.  One of our users suggested this: “Thaw frozen fish in milk. The milks helps to draw out the “frozen” taste.  Be sure to discard the milk before cooking.”

Now that you’re ready to get grilling, you’ll probably need some recipes!  Here are some grilled fish recipes that are great for beginners:
Grilled Lemon Dill Fish
Thai Grilled Salmon
Fruity Tuna Steaks
Teriyaki Swordfish

What is your favorite way to prepare fish?

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