Fancy Friday: Geometric Garnish

Happy Friday, everyone! Last Friday, we started a great new feature on Chew on That called Fancy Friday, so please check out our first feature post. This week, we have some great new ideas for prettifying your food using Geometric Garnishes. Please keep reading to learn this easy technique and get some great recipes!

The Citrus Curl

What is it? A citrus curl can be made using a lemon or orange, and adds so much beauty to a simple dish.

How do I make one? Taking a whole orange or lemon in your hand, cut around it in a continuous motion down the length of the fruit. You want to make one cut all the way around. Make the space between the rings you cut about 1/4 of an inch thick. Think of it as drawing the shape of a spring around the fruit.

When do I use orange and lemon rings? These garnishes are perfect for anything to which you’d add a derivative of orange or lemon! If you make a drink with orange or lemon ingredients, add this garnish to the top of your glass. These rings are also great added to dinner dishes, salads, and dessert plates!

Here are some more recipes to pair with orange and lemon garnishes:

Orange-Mango Sorbet

Lemon Chicken with Asian Rice Stuffing

Orangelicious Slow-Cooked Pork Chops

Tell us: Have you ever tested your artistic ability and made garnishes? What do you think about making lemon and orange curls?

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