Would You Like a Mandatory Serving of Apples With That?

McDonald’s has taken some initiative to reform the Happy Meal. When I was a kid in the 90s, the Happy Meal consisted of a small soda (often refillable), burger or chicken nuggets, and french fries. Since then, it has undergone some drastic changes. Keep reading to see the reform, and tell us: is it enough? Everyone is talking about it today: McDonald’s has announced that the Happy Meal is changing. Instead of serving the entree (hamburger or nuggets), small french fries, and a drink, they are adding a new item to the list.

Apple slices are being added to every Happy Meal without parents even asking for them. The serving of french fries is also being reduced.

McDonald’s wants people to eat healthier, even if they’re not willing to make healthier choices when ordering food. There are many reasons to take such an initiative one of which is looming legislature that targets fast food chains like McDonald’s. Some of these include banning toys and advertising from kids’ meals.

Instead of going to McDonald’s, try making a healthier burger at home with less-processed cheese. Check out these recipes for Low-Fat Burgers and Baked French Fries.

You tell us: Do you think adding apples to McDonald’s kids’ meals is enough? Or do Happy Meals and fast food in general need a complete makeover?

  • barbara

    Here we go again, attacking McDonald’s. Healthy choices have been at mcdonalds for ages, but most kids eat the hamburger and FF. Why pick on only McDonald’s when Carls Jr has a horrible amount of calories, salt, more salt, and fat. All fast food is no good for healthy diets in excess; use common sense and train kids when young. I lived in Holland, and my grandkids there had to travel ten miles for a McDonald’s..it was a treat for them and they would not have ordered healthy. They wanted the kid’s meal! I have yet to meet a child who wants fruit and vegetables from a restaurant; in fact, I have yet to meet many adults who order wisely. Yes, pick on all of them, but don’t single McDonald’s out each time just because they were first, are bigger, etc. And who is going to be able to make over a fast meal? We had three new burger joints open in my area of town this week. And no, none were McDonald’s.

  • Melva Indvik

    The goverment needs to stay out of our lives and not DICTATE TO ANYONE what they can or cannot eat. What next will they be telling us what we can or cannot eat/do? Our FREEDOMS ARE BEING TAKEN AWAY FROM US ONE AT A TIME. MacDonald’s needs to get a strong spine and stand up for their rights.

  • Virginia

    Fast food is fast food. I commend Micky D’s for at least trying to help our children. In reality, to eat HEALTHY, YOU must prepare HEALTHY.

  • Georgie

    I’m tired of the government having their noses into everything lately. Are we now living in a communist country? Fast food should be a once in awhile treat for kids and parents should be making healthy meals at home 99% of the time. Don’t say no time. I worked and put a good meal on the table every day for my sons. Its just easier to feed them fast food then to spend an hour making a healthy meal. The cost of a healthy meal at home IS cheaper then the family eating out.

  • Amanda

    I think it is great that McDonald’s will be adding the apples to the Happy Meals, but I don’t think that will make a difference in the epidemic we have in this country with childhood obesity. However, it is not the restaurants fault, it is the parents.

  • Charles Tagg

    You malign Carls Jr. They have many other things to order–I do, almost daily. I usuall;y get chicken sand-wiches, no fries, and a drink.Low fat, bread (but no fried potatoes), and it’s tasteful and tasty. No excess salt. Recognize that they have lots that isn’t as healthy; it’s your choice what you (or your kids) eat.

  • Jackie

    I agree with Melva, I wish our government would go back to keeping our borders safe and stay OUT of what foods we eat and what lightbulbs we use. UGH! If the consumer is driving the wish for apples in their Happy Meals then great. If its the government, then I’d respect McDonald’s more if they fought back.

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