Tacos on a Tuesday!

Honestly…who doesn’t love a taco? There is always the open opportunity to mix things up on taco night. Whether you have a fussy kid or an equally finicky adult, you can tailor the menu to everyone’s liking with fish, beef, steak, pork, chicken…and so on!

My absolute favorite taco place has become a small family-owned chain over the years, but I remember it back when it was the secret taco place. Very few people knew about it, and my friends and I would end up there at midnight on a weekend (which subsequently turned into 3AM in our college days, along with now absurdly long lines stretching around the block).

This particular joint opens up at 7AM for breakfast (steak and eggs with amazing guacamole) and doesn’t close its doors until 6AM (yes, you read that correctly). These people are dedicated and determined to serve fresh fare in huge quantities- they don’t skimp on the cheese, salsa or guac and always make sure you get your fair share of meat.

Here are some ways for you to have a Taco Tuesday of your own. Don’t forget the margaritas! They will get the party going!

If you want to have Mexican grub for breakfast, this is your go-to!

Bored of the typical? Try this pork taco recipe for a little spicy variety!

Make sure to mix up some tasty guacamole, either for eating with authentic chips or as a taco garnish!

Be sure that everyone is happy- include chicken, fish and beef in your taco menu so that all taste buds leave happy! Don’t forget to make room for the 3 bean taco for the veggie lovers! Remember to have your favorites on hand- salsa, sour cream, onions and cilantro!

Do you have a great taco recipe or restaurant you love? Let us know in the comments!

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