Fancy Friday: Green Garnish

It’s another new blog feature on Chew On That! Get ready for our weekly post called “Fancy Friday” in which we show you how to kick your food up to the next level! Act like a pro and decorate your food with the simplest moves that make a world of difference. Presentation, presentation, presentation! The topic we’re going to talk about today is using sprigs from your herb garden to garnish your everyday foods and drinks! Here are three great tips:

1. If you’re making a casserole such as Tuna Casserole, we recommend adding a sprig of colorful green garnish. You are free to use whatever you like, but a sprig of parsley or a few basil leaves would look great on top of this dish.

2. If you are making drinks such as the classic Kentucky Derby Mint Julep or Vanilla Shake, add a few mint leaves on top for a burst of color and a unique flavor. Fresh mint leaves have a strong flavor and odor, so use sparingly! Alcoholic drinks such as Mint Mojitos can also benefit from mint garnish.

3. Rosemary is a beautiful herb with a great flavor, and goes well with many meats. Try making these Baked Pork Loin Chops and add a few stems of rosemary to give it a professionally tasty look. Rosemary is also a great accent for chicken.

You Tell Us: Do you like to experiment with garnishes? What’s your favorite green garnish?

Next Friday, check out our NEW Geometric Garnishes piece, only on Chew on That!

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