Snacks Worth Sneaking into the Movies!

With millions of other people, I will be seeing Harry Potter this weekend. I tried to get tickets to the midnight show… but couldn’t find anywhere that wasn’t sold out. I am dying now that “Neville Longbottom,” “Mischief Managed,” and lots of other characters are trending on Twitter.

Speaking of movies, it’s tough to justify paying over $10 to go to a movie these days, let alone to buy the overpriced snacks that go along with it. The drinks are usually over $3 and snacks start at about the same. Save some dough and try bringing your snacks from home! Continue reading, and check out these recipes for great movie snacks that are better for your wallet and your body!

Trail Mix: Make this using anything you have laying around the house, or follow this recipe for a great combination!

Granola Bars: A mess-free snack perfect to tote to the theater!

Candy Bar Cookie: This has been such a favorite of my family since they first appeared. It’s no wonder they won the bake-off! These cookies do take a little time, but well worth it.

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