Create Your Own Harry Potter Feast!

With the phenomenally epic saga drawing to a close with the final Harry Potter film being released this weekend, we thought you could serve some witchy and wizardly fare, even if you are just a Muggle (Potter-speak for non-magical people). These recipes are still very magical, though- and the kids will love them!

Every new term at Hogwarts begins with a succulent feast featuring a variety of breads, soups, meats, cheese and desserts as far as the eye can see. Make your backyard picnic table a mini-Great Hall and line these dishes up for the whole family to feast on!

Quintessentially British, this Shepherd’s Pie is an English classic.

A classic roast.   At Harry’s first Christmas dinner at Hogwarts, the orphan who was barely fed by his aunt and uncle is amazed at the number of huge turkeys that line the school hall’s tables. This version has a sherried cider element, sure to be found in any British or Irish pub.

Kreacher, the house elf who becomes Harry’s housekeeper/cook, makes excellent onion soup. Kreacher is of the grumpy disposition, but after Harry shows his appreciation of him, the elf rewards him with the best soup he has ever tasted. We can’t promise that an elf made it, but here is our version: Onion Soup

BFF to Harry is Ron Weasley. Ron’s mom Molly has a way in the kitchen, and can even clean her dirty pans without her hands thanks to her magical abilities. You will probably have to use yours, but this is a version of a Rhubarb Pie that Molly made especially for Harry.

Another one of Molly’s abilities in the kitchen is her ability to perfect the Vol-au-vent. This tasty dish is a take on the canapé, a puff pastry with a surprise on the inside. In this case, it is chicken and mushrooms. While Mrs. Weasley made hundreds of these for her older son Bill’s wedding, you don’t have to set your standards quite as high!

The trio (Harry, Ron and Hermione) often stay at an inn called The Leaky Cauldron the week before school in order to shop at Diagon Alley for their required spell books, magical pets and other wizardly necessities. While dining with his friends, Harry gets a taste of the innkeeper’s amazing Chocolate Pudding.

The Harry Potter books have inspired millions of young readers (and old, for that matter) to once again turn off the television and pick up a book. Food plays a big role in Harry’s world and is showcased brilliantly, from appetizers to desserts, lovely candies and the British classics. Try your hand at these recipes or read the books yourself to lend inspiration for creating some magic of your own in the kitchen! To your cauldrons!

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  • Jackie Minas

    mmmmm…now to find someone to cook all this for me…

  • Melissa

    This sounds amazing! Love rhubarb pie. What a magical article :)

  • Melissa

    This made me so seriously hungry.

  • Chris

    What, no Treacle Tart recipe? I could really go for a bacon sandwich right about now…

  • EmilieYount

    I have just submitted a new treacle recipe to our recipe collection. You can find the link below!

  • Ellen

    I love HP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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