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Yesterday, I started filling out my gift registry at Crate and Barrel, and it was the most amazing experience. I have always loved cooking, but at college I relied on basic staples like a spoon, a bowl, a pan, and a cookie sheet. Now that I’m getting my own kitchen, I was introduced to a wide array of GADGETS! Keep reading to learn about the coolest ones!

We started the evening by looking at barware, and found a machine that could pretty much instantaneously cool wine and beer bottles. You plug in the machine and add ice water, and it goes to work! This machine sounded awesome, but did not think it was worth what precious counter space we have.

Then, we proceeded to look at cooking supplies. My fiance, being an Engineering phd student, was incredibly intrigued by these futuristic oven mitts coated in silicone. Burn proof.

I have to say, the mini gadget section was my favorite. We definitely scanned a bunch of items under $12… all of which are awesome. The pancake flipper is a super wide and thin round spatula that can flip all pancakes and omelets to perfection. Then, we found a cherry pitter, a handheld device that you squeeze to remove the pit from cherries or olives.

There were also the really cool but completely unnecessary items, like little porcelain teapot plates designed to hold your teabag, and a cookie cutters of the year collection that had cutters designed for each holiday. I thought these items were cute, but fiance said no. He was in charge of the scanner after I tried to register for stemmed waterglasses.

“When are we going to use those?” he asked. The moral of the story is to be practical with your kitchen, not showy. Yes, I will use the pancake flipper, no, I don’t need $200 of water glasses.

Also, we browsed the store in search of  a Ninja, but couldn’t find one. We encourage our readers to enter our contest to Win A FREE NINJA! There are 3 Grand Prize winners. Check out the sweepstakes here and enter to win! Good luck :)

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