We All Have Favorite Drinks – Why Not Cook With Them?

At least for me, I have some soda, beer, and wine left over in my refrigerator from a Fourth of July party. I hate throwing things away so I thought, what can I make with these drinks? Turns out, at Recipe4Living we have lots of great ideas for drink-inspired foods!

Use beer. Beer can be used to make unique bread and meat batters. Try our recipes like Beer Bread and Beer Battered Veggies for some amazing beer recipes. Feel free to customize by adding your favorite beer to make this recipe all your own!

Add some wine. Wine isn’t just a beverage for Italian dinners, it’s for everyday use in cooking! Try making fabulous recipes such as White Wine Vinaigrette and Wine Jelly to add some color and flavor to your everyday routine.

Try soda. It might sound strange, but sodas are a combination of great flavors that are great for cooking various types of food such as breads and meat glazes. Check out this recipe for Irish Soda Bread!

Check out Recipe4Living for the Full List! Happy cooking :)

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