2nd Biggest Royal News Since the Wedding!

Gasp: William and Kate are visiting the United States today!

In honor of the fabulous royal couple, we’ve compiled a list of a few of their country’s notable entrees, and now you too can eat like a royal!

Try Buttermilk Scones with Raisins! The British tea breads known as scones, which might be described as a cross between rich biscuits and muffins, have been wholeheartedly adopted by Americans. Serve scones hot from the oven, with sweet butter and a selection of jams and marmalades. If there are any left over, reheat them before serving.

Another great British idea is Americanized Quick and Easy Shepherd’s Pie! Shepherd’s Pie is a traditional English recipe. Since I was American and my husband was British, I tried to change this wonderful recipe for the American palate. I hope you enjoy it because we do.

For all of you who can’t be paparazzi in L.A. this is a great alternative!

  • http://thefreshfridge.com/ Megan @ The Fresh Fridge

    Great compilation. I will have to try the scones – we eat them all the time! (Goes well with our tea addiction)

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