Healthy Grilling with a Side of Flavor!

When everyone is crowded around the grill this weekend celebrating Fourth of July, don’t just settle for the usual fatty foods like brats and burgers for your meal. With these tips, you’ll be suggesting extraordinarily tasty grilling options that put a new spin on summer and healthy dining that even the guys will enjoy.

Add some vegetables to the grill!

1. Cut fresh vegetables such as peppers, zucchini, and yellow squash into thick strips. Leave fresh asparagus and mushrooms whole or cut into large chunks. We just don’t want those vegetables to fall through the slats of the grill! Feel free to pick other vegetables from your kitchen, depending on your favorite choices.

2. Put whatever vegetables you choose to use in a gallon-size plastic bag, pour in olive oil to coat the vegetables, and add a couple teaspoons of minced garlic.

3. Shake the bag and marinade your vegetables in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

4. When the grill is hot, just add your vegetables and cook for a few minutes until they are soft!

Enjoy this nutritionally beneficial dish, because in addition to the healthy veggies, olive oil reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and contains a wide variety of essential antioxidants.

If you are working with a wide variety of smaller chunks of vegetables, please try the irresistible Grilled Veggie Kabobs! Flavorful veggies are really easy to make on the grill and a sure-fire way to please your family and friends. Add some cubes of tofu or another favorite source of protein and you’ve got yourself the perfect summer meal. Save this super recipe from Recipe4Living for the next time you fire up the backyard barbecue!

Here are some other recipes to try the next time you want to grill healthy!

Grilled Portabellas: These little mushroom wedges are a great healthy snack or accompaniment to your main course.

Grilled Cilantro Salmon: Simply seasoned, the cilantro adds a hint of flavor without being overwhelming.

Herb Grilled Chicken Salad: This recipe is quick, healthy and provides a great energy-boosting lunch!

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