Fun Summer Desserts: Mexican Edition

Yes, I know the Fourth of July is coming up and I should be focusing on All-American desserts, but I can’t help myself!  Mexican desserts are so tasty!  They usually can be filed under one of three different categories: fried, cinnamon-y, or fruity (I prefer when they’re all three, though!)  Keep reading to read about my faves and get great recipes!

Chilly Treats
Cold desserts are always welcome on a hot summer’s day!

Mexican Sundaes: Cinnamon and Spanish peanuts bring this ice cream sundae south of the border.  Full of chocolate and cream, this recipe is completely indulgent, but sliced bananas give it a hint of health!

Fried Ice Cream: You may have tried fried ice cream at your local Mexican restaurant, but have you ever made it at home? All you need is a few ingredients you already have at home.

Fruity Mango Ice Cream: Put your ice cream maker to good use this summer.  Whip up some ice cream featuring this favorite tropical fruit and watch your guests go crazy over it!

Passion Sorbet: Another great ice cream maker recipe, this one features passion fruit and lime flavors.  Yum!

Tropical Jello Salad: Jello salads aren’t all American; the addition of papaya, guava, and pineapple make this yummy dish distinctly Mexican.

Rice Pudding with Cinnamon and Mexican Chocolate: This dish can be served hot or cold (we recommend cold!) and is great for summer get-togethers. Dried fruit pieces make it extra sweet.

Fried Favorites

While these treats are fried, they’re not too heavy to snack on in the summertime.

Churros: Skip the amusement park or carnival churros- these homemade ones taste much better.  Plus, you’ll have a fun time making them!

Sweet Fried Plantains: This recipe not only tells you how to fry plantains, but it also tells you how to make two terrific dipping sauces for the end product.

Do you have a favorite Mexican dessert you make in the summertime?

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