7 Strange Fruits You’ve Never Heard Of

When I found out that June was National Papaya Month, it got me thinking about exotic fruits.  Summer is the season for stuffing your face with fresh fruit- I know I certainly have been over-indulging when it comes to watermelon- and so I decided to investigate fruits that I didn’t know too much about.

Here are some interesting and exotic fruits that you’ve never head of, plus some tasty tidbits of information about them!

1. Starfruit

When you first see this fruit, you may wonder how it got its name.  The second you start slicing it, however, you won’t be wondering anymore!  This 5-pointed fruit comes from the carambola tree in Asia and is good for people who have kidney problems.

2. Pummelo
This is actually the largest citrus fruit there is, and it is abundant in Southeast Asia.  It is greenish in color and tastes similar to a grapefruit.
Click here for a pummelo recipe!

3. Buddha’s Hand
The Buddha’s Hand received its name due to the strange finger-like sections that sprout from it.  It’s bright yellow in color and is a variety of citron.

4. Mangosteen
The mangosteen is a round, purple fruit with white, fleshy sections inside.  Its flavor is super sweet and delicious, plus it has numerous health benefits.  Some doctors even use it to fight infections.

5. Lychee
Cut open a lychee and you’ll find something inside that looks and feels like an eyeball (not to mention it’s about the same size!)  The fruit is full of vitamin C and very tasty, though!
Click here for a lychee recipe!

6. Durian
This large, spiky fruit is actually so stinky that it has been banned from public areas of some Asian countries!   The tender, fleshy fruit inside is said to taste pretty good, however.

7. Noni Berry
I actually wrote a whole post about the noni berry a few months ago!  Click here to read it.

Since all of these fruits are pretty hard to find, let’s celebrate National Papaya Month with these fruity papaya recipes!
Papaya Mango Jam
Papaya Waldorf Salad
Papaya Ice
Papaya Pudding
Melon, Papaya and Cucumber Salad

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  • http://joanne-eatswellwithothers.com Joanne

    These are such fun fruits! I’ve tasted a few of them (starfruit, lychee) but I need to look out for the others!

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