The Newest Craze in County Fair Food

We’ve all heard of deep fried Twinkies, cheesecake on a stick, and tons of other ridiculously unhealthy (but delicious!) fair foods.  I’ve even blogged about it once or twice.  But there’s a crazy new treat that just popped up in San Diego, and you won’t believe what it is: fried Kool-Aid.  Yep, you read that correctly!

Charlie Boghosian, who runs the Chicken Charlie food stand at the San Diego County Fair, is the creator of this unusual snack.  In past years, he has experimented with fried Pop Tarts and fried Girl Scout cookies, but frying Kool-Aid was a brand new idea that he simply had to try.  “We drank Kool-Aid growing up, so I thought, ‘why not fry it and see what happens?’” he explains in this YouTube video.

So how does one fry Kool-Aid?  Well, Boghosian starts with flour, water, and Kool-Aid, makes a batter out of it, then scoops it up into little balls with an ice cream scoop.  The balls are plopped into the deep-fryer and when they’re done, they resemble reddish doughnut holes.  Strange, huh?

I’m up for trying anything once, but I can’t imagine this tasting very good.  Would you ever try fried Kool-Aid balls?

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  • Coffee Lover

    I’m from the United kingdom. Have I understood correctly, this is deep fried drink? Amazing! In Scotland they are very proud of eating deep fried Mars bars, but this is something else!

  • Joe

    I’ve been looking for something unusual to serve a my kid’s birthday. I might try this out!

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